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OOTD: Bershka & Blue

Jumper - Bershka | Leggings - Forever 21 | Necklace- NewLook | Boots- NewLook | Earrings- Primark | Bag - Pieces
A little bit minimal on the photos here so sorry! However, I just had to give this jumper a slot on my blog because it's super cosy and is probably one of the best value for money items of clothing I've bought in a while( £12.99). The jumper is from Bershka, a store that I've only ever seen in London, but is online as well, so I got it online in the new year sales. Winning. It appealed to me most because of the black and white colour scheme (granted) and the high neck. I'm all about everything high neck right now. Then there's the need for jumpers because , as I've said numerous times, it's the temperature of the north pole outside. So, It's fair to say that I'm going to marry this jumper and lead a very happy life. I threw on a pair of blue comfy leggings, and we're off. This jumper can literally go with any colour bottoms, oh how I love the versatility of black and white.
So if you're not already familiar with Bershka, head over there now and have a butchers. 

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A Vegetarians Heaven : The Marshmallow

I've been a vegetarian for 5 years now, and whilst I'm proud of my determination in committing to the vegetarian lifestyle.. I miss marshmallows immensely. SO! I went on the hunt for a reputable seller of vegetarian marshmallows. I've tried numerous times to make them myself, but it's failed so dismally I thought that buying them from some one who's skilled in the vegetarian sweets would be a faster and more tastier option. I came across this cute online store called ' Marshmallow Deli'. She doesn't only do your traditional vanilla flavour, but a vast array of flavours such as: Butterscotch, caramel , coconut & cookies and cream. I played it safe and purchased the vanilla mallows, but upon opening my package from the deli I noticed they'd popped in a little freebie that was Mint chic chip. What a winner, right? 
I wasn't at all disappointed with these goodies, even though I haven't tasted a marshmallow in a while, these definitely taste as close to a non-veggie mallow would do. 5 stars for these. The best part about them is their chunkiness, I put mine in the fridge so they were thicker , literally melting in my mouth. 
So, to all veggies that are craving sweets and going crazy mad, go buy some of these! They're amazing. I think my next venture will be the coconut! 


OOTD: Swimming With The Dolphins.

Jumper - Syd & Mallory | Skirt - George | Cardigan - Zara |  Boots - New Look | Necklace - New Look | Earrings - Primark 

Apologies for the lack of photos. It was one of those days when every single photo just wasn't up to scratch. But this jumper most definitely is. If you keep up with my blog, then you'll know that black is pretty much the only colour I really wear. So It was quite a risk to go for something with a pop of colour. But, I just couldn't say no to  cute leather dolphin appliqu├ęs. This chunky cutey is from Syd & Mallory , one of the brands I recently posted about as one of the brands you should be wearing this year... and you really should be. Great quality. So when this popped through my door I was over the moon with it, and to make things even better I received a freebie! A lovely dolphin necklace. Which, to be honest, I'll probably wear as an anklet.  
I wore my turtle neck top underneath the jumper because , you know, its like -6000 outside? But I can totally envision dressing this jumper up with jeans and heels. 

Have you ever bought anything  from Syd & Mallory?

( P.s. LOL at my dog photo bombing.)

Oops, I'm a Jean Snob

Jeans (Similar) - New Look | Crop top - River Island  | Boots - New Look
What's a girl to do when she only has one pair of black jeans , they're faded , tatty and she's poor? The exact question I was recently asking myself. It occurred to me that when it comes to jeans I actually discount every shop barring Top shop and River island; I'm a snob. I've never even considered buying jeans from anywhere else, or even thought that It's not necessary to splurge a fortune on denim to fit my legs.  Granted, the more expensive shops do have quality jeans , but when your bank is looking a little on the tear jerking side of life you really do need to consider other options. 
So I waddled into New look, expecting to find absolutely nill options for me and happened to walk out one pair of jeans richer. I chose the super high waisted option. They're snug, stretchy, tight and fit my waist really lovely. Can't really say much more. Oh, and they were affordable at only £19.99. Can't say I'll stop buying jeans from Topshop & River Island, but New Look has really surprised me and will most likely be seeing my face again in the denim department. 


Sales Purchases

Dungarees - Topshop - £10 | Bomber - Topshop - £27 | Shoes - New Look - £11

I didn't really want to go crazy in the sales, it's all a bit unnecessary to be pushing and shoving, but christmas money isn't gonna spend itself now is it?  It's likely that i'll nab a few more bargains online, but I thought I'd update y'all on what I have so far. No. 1 is a lovely dungarees . Classic. Everyone needs a dungarees and before now I haven't had one, so yay! No.2 is a beauty of a bomber jacket from Topshop with some nice stitching detail. I've seriously wanted a new bomber for a good while now and since it was reduced from £55 I couldn't say no. No. 3 is a pair of deep red velvet t-bar flats from New Look. At first I was undecided, but they look so cute on. They were sold out online, and as luck may have it they had them in store. I mean, if that's not a sign to buy them I don't know what is. 

Hope you all got some lovely things for christmas and spent your money wisely!

A Little Adventure

So at 8am this morning, me and my pooch hopped out for our regular walk. We went on a little adventure to somewhere different. We usually go to a large wreck/grassy type place where most people in my village walk their dogs. But unbeknown to me, just across from our usual spot was a large forest with masses of field ; so we wandered in. It was such a lovely place, so peaceful and picturesque.
As a photographer I'm not actually taking as many snaps as I'd like these days, so I'm making a conscious effort to take my camera out with me more. Even though that does come with it's complications... (I really need to get me a decent compact). Any who's.  Here are some nice little visuals of our adventure.