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OOTD: Bershka & Blue

Jumper - Bershka | Leggings - Forever 21 | Necklace- NewLook | Boots- NewLook | Earrings- Primark | Bag - Pieces
A little bit minimal on the photos here so sorry! However, I just had to give this jumper a slot on my blog because it's super cosy and is probably one of the best value for money items of clothing I've bought in a while( £12.99). The jumper is from Bershka, a store that I've only ever seen in London, but is online as well, so I got it online in the new year sales. Winning. It appealed to me most because of the black and white colour scheme (granted) and the high neck. I'm all about everything high neck right now. Then there's the need for jumpers because , as I've said numerous times, it's the temperature of the north pole outside. So, It's fair to say that I'm going to marry this jumper and lead a very happy life. I threw on a pair of blue comfy leggings, and we're off. This jumper can literally go with any colour bottoms, oh how I love the versatility of black and white.
So if you're not already familiar with Bershka, head over there now and have a butchers. 

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  1. Love the jumper, I first discovered Berskha whilst in Spain I think its much more popular there plus they have an even better selection than London x