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Oops, I'm a Jean Snob

Jeans (Similar) - New Look | Crop top - River Island  | Boots - New Look
What's a girl to do when she only has one pair of black jeans , they're faded , tatty and she's poor? The exact question I was recently asking myself. It occurred to me that when it comes to jeans I actually discount every shop barring Top shop and River island; I'm a snob. I've never even considered buying jeans from anywhere else, or even thought that It's not necessary to splurge a fortune on denim to fit my legs.  Granted, the more expensive shops do have quality jeans , but when your bank is looking a little on the tear jerking side of life you really do need to consider other options. 
So I waddled into New look, expecting to find absolutely nill options for me and happened to walk out one pair of jeans richer. I chose the super high waisted option. They're snug, stretchy, tight and fit my waist really lovely. Can't really say much more. Oh, and they were affordable at only £19.99. Can't say I'll stop buying jeans from Topshop & River Island, but New Look has really surprised me and will most likely be seeing my face again in the denim department. 



  1. Oh wow they're super nice, I only ever think of River Island and Topshop when buying jeans too :') Will have to give New Look a try

  2. Good idea! I completely didn't think about NewLook for jeans. I normally buy mine from Miss Selfride or Topshop also. These look so great on you! :) x


  3. Those look good on you!


  4. loving those jeans!:)